Sunday, June 16, 2019

Find out what makes COSS great is an exchange that lets you earn a share of the exchange fees. Generate a passive income, simply by holding the COSS token. The COSS team is transparent, responsive and fully compliant with regulations. More information on what makes COSS great can be found in the articles listed below. Start trading on COSS today and get rewarded for doing what you enjoy.

About the COSS Token

COSS Token Introduction

Mockup of a COSS coin is a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange. Whilst it shares most of its features such as token pair exchanging, digital wallets, fiat deposits and withdrawals, IEO listings and trading promotions, there is one feature in particular that sets COSS apart.

COSS Basics



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Start Trading and Register an Account

To trade on COSS, you will need to register an account. Registering an account is easy and will allow you to trade...

About the CFT Token

COSS Fee Token (CFT) Introduction

COSS Fee Token (CFT) was introduced to the COSS exchange at the very end of 2018. In short, the CFT token enables you to get 25% off trading fees on In Summary: CFT gives...