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Unibright and Quant Listed on COSS

Unibright and Quant Network to List on COSS

Round 2 of the ‘Guess the Coin’ competition has ended, revealing the next coins to be listed on COSS. The two coins announced were Unibright (UBT) and Quant network (QNT).

Following the announcement of these two coins, their wallets have been opened for deposits, ready for trading to begin 3rd April 2019.

Almost immediately after announcing these coins, the third round of ‘Guess the Coins’ opened.

About Unibright

Unibright is a user friendly framework that allows businesses to easily integrate blockchain in to their current workflows.

Many businesses have processes suitable for replacing with a blockchain driven solution, but the nature of blockchain can appear complex or unnecessary.

Unibright aims to solve this by making it easy for businesses to integrate their own blockchain solutions in to their existing workflows using a user-friendly interface, through a ‘no coding needed’ approach. See their website for some example use cases.

The Unibright Ethereum token is needed to create smart contracts on the Unibright framework and connect smart contracts together. There are also future plans for the token, such as being able to purchase smart contract template. 

About Quant Network

Quant Network is the team behind the Quant Ethereum token. They are ‘laying the foundations for the next internet’ by working to bring trust back in to the digital world.

Blockchain has the potential to streamline complex processes and by design is inherently more secure than current networking protocols.

Quant simplifies how organisations take advantage of blockchain, so they can focus on operating their businesses and unlocking the benefits that this technology presents.

They currently have two products, Overledger – the world’s first blockchain based operating system and GoVerify – a method of verifying correspondence (email, SMS etc.) from organisations, protecting them from impersonation and fraud.

Guess The Coin Round Three Now Live

Congratulations to those that correctly guessed these coins and to the winners of the 500 CFT. If you didn’t get a chance to enter this round, round 3 is now live – go and check it out to be in with a chance of winning 500 CFT!

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