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New Simplified FSA Now Active

simplified fee split allocation

A simplified fee split allocation (sFSA) is now active on the COSS exchange. The sFSA began on September 19th and simplifies the way you accrue your 50% fee split with COSS. The new sFSA means you will now collect COS, ETH and DAI only, in the daily FSA. What is …

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COSS Exchange Now Pays You to Trade

Best trading fees in crypto

COSS exchange is now paying traders back for every trade they make. By utilising negative maker fees, every trade made now earns you money! Negative maker fees are available to everyone with a COSS account that trades over $5,000 USD each month (just $167 a day!). Negative maker fees start …

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BNB vs CFT – Fee Token Comparison

UPDATE: Following the COSS/LALA merger, the functionality of CFT (25% discount) is now included in the COS token itself. Binance Coin (BNB) is a well established fee-reduction token, which has gained large support alongside Binance’s success. The COSS fee token (CFT) is similar in many aspects to BNB. It too, …

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Want to be paid to trade?Negative maker fees now available on COSS

Register an account with COSS and start getting paid to trade with the best fees available in crypto. All this on top of a 25% discount on fees and 50% fee share for COS token holders.

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