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How to Swap COSS & LALA to COS Token

Swap your COSS and LALA tokens to the new COS token to continue receiving the benefits of the COSS ecosystem. Earlier this year it was announced that two separate tokens (COSS and LALA) would be merging in to one token (COS). Due to differences in supply and price of the …

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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy COSS Tokens (COSS)

A businessman buying COSS tokens

If you’re thinking about buying COSS tokens, or don’t yet know what COSS even is, here are 10 reasons to convince you to buy. 1. Start Earning Passive Income Here’s the main reason why you should buy COSS. When you own COSS, you are entitled to a share of the …

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COSS Token Summary and Comparison

COSS and CFT are the 2 tokens native to the COSS ecosystem, both with very different functions. Recently, CELT has opened for trading, but this is an unofficial COSS token, created by the community. COSS Token Comparison COSS Token (COSS) What is COSS used for? The COSS token’s only role …

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COSS Token Introduction

Mockup of a COSS coin is a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange. Whilst it shares most of its features such as token pair exchanging, digital wallets, fiat deposits and withdrawals, IEO listings and trading promotions, there is one feature in particular that sets COSS apart.

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Want to be paid to trade?Negative maker fees now available on COSS

Register an account with COSS and start getting paid to trade with the best fees available in crypto. All this on top of a 25% discount on fees and 50% fee share for COS token holders.

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