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COSS FSA Snippet

Julian, the creator of COSS-FSA has developed a tool to help you analyse your Fee Split Allocation (FSA).

Currently on the FSA wallet page, you can see the tokens in your FSA wallet, the total amount, amount distributed and amount remaining. Although this is important information, there is little in the way of additional information to make the wall of numbers more intuitive to users.

As there are lots of ERC tokens listed on COSS, you can be forgiven for not following each one in great detail. It’s unlikely that you are going to know the value of each coin or token, making it difficult to interpret the results on your FSA wallet page.

The ability to see the current value of tokens in the FSA wallet listed alongside the amount you own and the value of what is in your FSA wallet are all highly requested features. Unfortunately, they have not made their way on to COSS yet.

Community Created Tool for FSA Analysis

A new feature on the community created site allows you to input your FSA details by copying an API endpoint in to a text box. Which is easier than it sounds.

How to see the value of your FSA with COSS-FSA

{"data":[{"currency":"WISH","status":"enable","total":"0.0423782797049816973196717","distributed":"0.0000000000000000000000000","remaining":"0.0423782797049816973196717","show":true}, etc.
  • Paste the text in to the box on the coss-fsa analyzer page
  • A table will show beneath the input box showing you all your coins, their values and the value of the coins in your FSA wallet

A Work in Progress Notice

It should be noted that this is a work in progress and is not currently finished, but is functional. Julian intends to add some additional features, such as table sorting and more to this feature as it is very popular amongst the COSS community.

When tested, this did not work on mobile (iOS) but worked perfectly in Chrome on a PC.

If you don’t have a COSS account yet, you can show Julian some love by signing up with his referral link.

Ambrosus Could Explore COSS Listing

Ambrosus logo

The Ambrosus network is a blockchain-based ecosystem for supply chains seeking to improve modern world supply chains by removing vulnerabilities.

Currently an ERC20 token, Ambrosus is working on their own mainnet, but with no confirmed dates for going live yet. A question and answer session confirmed that the ERC20 token and mainnet coin would coexist for some time.

COSS is able to list ERC tokens easily and has previously held promotions to allow listing of ERC tokens for as little as $5,000.

Ambrosus Reaches Out for Community Opinion on Exchanges

The official telegram chat for Ambrosus recently reached out to their community, looking for opinions on cryptocurrency exchanges. The message is currently pinned on their channel.

Community polling: what #crypto exchange, apart from #Binance, do you like and are most excited about? Choose your favourite on our #Telegram! $AMB $BNB #DEX

The options for the poll are below. A number of these are CCXT certified exchanges (highlighted in bold). The vote percentages were correct at the time of writing.

  • Bittrex 15%
  • Bitfinex 2%
  • Bithumb 3%
  • Coinbase 41%
  • COSS 23%
  • Kraken 7%
  • OKEX 2%
  • Upbit 7%

A Positive Result for COSS in the Poll

Looking at the results, Coinbase is clearly the most voted for exchange. The poll hints Ambrosus is seeking new markets. Historically, a Coinbase listing has pumped the price of any new listing, however, getting listed on Coinbase is notoriously difficult.

Removing Coinbase from the equation, COSS has the highest number of votes. Likely due to a sudden influx of COSS telegram members to the Ambrosus chat, but still a positive image for COSS.

Current markets for Ambrosus include; Binance, Kucoin, TOKTOK, Mercatox, HitBTC, RightBTC

CFT Trading Promotion Announced

CFT Trading Promotion

COSS Today announced that the CFT Trading Promo will go live next week on the 1st of April 2019, with a huge 1,100,000 CFT ($110,000) prize pool available.

Interestingly, this promo is not limited to the CFT pair, like previous trading promotions. Your trading volume on any pair on the exchange will count towards your overall promotion volume.

CFT Trading Promotion Details

  • Start Date: 1st April 2019 07:00 GMT
  • End Date: 1st May 2019 07:00 GMT
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Round Length: 3 days
  • No. of Rounds: 10
  • Prize Pool per Round: 100,00 CFT
  • Ranked Prizes: Top 20 traders
  • Random Prizes: 10 random traders

The CFT promotion will take place over 30 days. The promotion is split into rounds, each round being 3 days long. During those 3 days, the top 20 traders with the highest volume will earn a share of the prize pool. An additional 10 random traders will earn 2,000 CFT. After 3 days, the volume count is reset and traders can continue to battle it out for a top 20 place.

There is an additional 100,000 CFT available for the trader with the highest trading volume over the whole 30 day promotion.

Prize Breakdown

  • Rank 1: 10,000 CFT
  • Rank 2: 7,500 CFT
  • Rank 3-5: 5,000 CFT (each)
  • Rank 6-10: 3,500 CFT (each)
  • Rank 11-20: 3,000 CFT (each)
  • Random 10: 2,000 CFT (each)

Any Trading Pair Counts

In previous trading competitions, only volume on the promotional pairs was included in your total. For example, in the Substratum trading promotion, only volume on SUB pairs would increase your rank.

These promotions have typically increased volume on the promotional pair only. With all trading pairs counting for the CFT promotion, it is going to be very interesting to see how this affects the overall volume of the exchange.

Strategic Timing

The CFT trading promotion begins at a very strategical time for COSS, with CFT trading set to go live on the same day.

Many users have expected the CFT price to drop once trading goes live as it is thought many holders who have stockpiled the coin from weekly FSAs will sell to realise the coins value.

With such a large trading promotion going on at the same time, demand for CFT is likely to increase, due to the 25% discount it provides on trading fees. This promotion looks like a strategic move to ensure once CFT goes live on the market, there are plenty of buyers for those looking to sell.

How to Participate in the Promotion

Participating in this CFT trading promotion couldn’t be easier. As volume on any trading pair counts, all you need to do is make one trade and you are instantly eligible for the random 10 traders prize.

To earn a top 20 spot and a guaranteed prize, you will need to create a lot of volume. Competition is expected to be fierce, so to stand the best chance of winning, you might want to get a bot to do the heavy lifting for you!

Good luck to everyone participating!

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