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How to Buy CELT Tokens

CELT 1.0 is no longer available to purchase. Please purchase CELT 2.0 through the COSS IEO and transfer to an external wallet if you wish to collect the PSA.

Following up from this post introducing CELT 2.0, this article is going to walk you through purchasing the CELT tokens in anticipation for the token swap to 2.0, coming very soon!

The techniques in this guide can also be used for interacting with other Ethereum dApps such as PLinc Hub or others.

Quick Version

For the technically savvy, here is the quick and simple version of purchasing CELT. If you’ve never used Metamask before, there is an in depth guide you can follow along with below.

  1. Install Metamask and fund it with ETH
  2. Visit
  3. Input how much CELT you wish to purchase
  4. Congratulations, you’re now helping support liquidity on COSS and earning some profit along the way!

On a Desktop or Laptop PC

To get started on a PC, you will first need to install an extension for Google Chrome, or the Brave Browser called Metamask.

Installing Metamask

Head over to in either Chrome or Brave. Then click ‘Get Chrome Extension’ (this works on Brave too, as it is built on Chromium).

Once installed, you should get the ‘Welcome to Metamask’ popup. If not, you can access Metamask from the fox icon in the top right of your browser. Click Get Started.

You’re probably looking to create a totally new wallet, so on the next page, select ‘Create a Wallet‘ which will create a new wallet within your browser. You will have the private keys for this wallet, so you can restore it within another browser or app whenever you like.

You will then be asked to create a password. This is needed to display the wallet in the browser or to connect the wallet to a website.


The next step is to receive your private key or ‘Secret Backup Phrase‘. If you are familiar with cryptocurrency wallets, you will know the importance of this key and how to back it up. If not, please read this next paragraph carefully, or you could lose your funds!

The 12 word phrase shown on the next page is very important and is required to restore access to your funds should you ever be unable to get back to your browser. If anyone sees this key, they can access your wallet and take your funds. It is very important to keep this phrase both safe and private. Never reveal it to anyone. Do not store it on a device that other people could access.

The next page will test that you have copied this phrase down correctly.

Funding Your Metamask Account

Now that you have Metamask set up, you need to add some ETH to your empty wallet!

Access your Metamask account by clicking the fox in the top right of your browser and click the Deposit button.

You now have a range of options to get ETH over to Metamask. If you already own ETH elsewhere (an exchange, hardware wallet, etc.) choose Directly Deposit Ether to get your Metamask account address. This is the address to send your ethereum to.

Purchasing CELT With Ethereum

You can now visit the CELT webpage and Metamask will ask if you’d like to allow the website to access your account. It is safe to allow access, as this is how the site receives your public address (no private information is accessed).

Once connected, you can now buy and sell CELT using this website. Type how much CELT you would like to purchase in either the ETH amount or the CELT amount. Remember, 1 ETH = 995 CELT.

Confirm the transaction in Metamask. Metamask will notify you when the transaction has completed.

Verify the transaction completed successfully by refreshing the CELT webpage – here your new CELT balance will be displayed.

Showing CELT Balance in Metamask

You can always check your balance at but if you want your token balance in Metamask, follow these steps:

  1. Click menu and scroll to the bottom to reveal ‘Add Token’
  2. Click ‘Add Token’ and then choose ‘Custom Token’
  3. Fill in the contract address, which is 0x35f06858577b526a9351C6d42c89748281b6FE30 (Old 1.0 token) – New CELT 2.0 token for use with CELT purchased via IEO on 0x99a3a5333b4eb80192149f9edd42d1d57ac591ee
  4. The remaining fields should fill in automatically, but if not – Token Symbol = CELT and Decimals of Precision = 18
  5. Click ‘Add Token’ and CELT is now displayed in Metamask.

Connecting to a Hardware Wallet with Metamask

Perhaps you already have ETH on a hardware wallet and don’t want to move it over to Metamask, but still want to access the CELT website.

You can connect your hardware wallet directly to Metamask by clicking the pie-chart-esque image on the top right of the Metamask popup. Click add hardware wallet.

A new window will pop up asking you to add a new account, from here you can connect your hardware wallet by following the instructions on screen.

On a Smartphone

To access the CELT contract and purchase tokens on a smartphone, you will need a browser that has an in-built ethereum wallet.

Two examples are Trust Wallet and Cipher Browser. Download whichever you prefer and set up your account wallet. You will need to send ETH to your account from an exchange or another wallet. Follow the in-app instructions to get ETH in your account.

Accessing the CELT Website on Trust Wallet

On Trust Wallet, click the ‘DApps‘ menu icon at the bottom centre of the screen.

At the top of the page, you will be able to enter a website. Type, to go to the CELT website.

From there, you will be able to access the site and purchase CELT with the Ethereum in your Trust Wallet.

Accessing the CELT Website in Cipher Browser

The process for purchasing CELT on Cipher browser is exactly the same as above. Send ETH to your Cipher browser ethereum address and then access using the in-app browser.

The browser is the bottom left icon on the menu, from there you can type in the CELT address like any normal browser.

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