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COSS Guess the Coin Round 5

Guess the Coin Round Five Closes Soon

COSS Guess the Coin Round 5
Guess the coin, round five promotion

The fifth round of ‘Guess the Coin’ closes shortly. This competition allows COSS account holders to try and guess the next coins to be listed on COSS. The prize for getting both coins correct is 500 CFT (~$15 currently).

In my previous attempt at guessing the coins, I made up for my earlier failed attempt by getting both coins correct. Whether or not I’m right this time around as well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see! I’ve got a good feeling about this one though, keep reading to see what I think these coin may be.

10 winners will be drawn at random from all the correct entries. To enter, you will need to submit your entries via the official Google Docs form, or you can just click the button below, after you’ve read through the clues.

Clue 1.

“A whole new world.
A new decentralised point of view.”

Clue 2.

“Need help with a DEX?”

You have until 21st April 00:00 GMT (8AM in Singapore), to send your answers in via the Google form. You must have a COSS account to be eligible to win, and the email you submit via the form should be the same as your COSS email. Winners will be notified by email, so make sure it is valid, and check your spam folder!

My Thoughts for Guess the Coin Round Five

This week might stump those that rely on the pixelated images to figure out the coins. Members of the COSS telegram group were quick to point out that the logo on the left is actually the old logo of the disguised coin.

A Whole New World

Aside from the fact that the coin on the left was quickly identified and shared on telegram, the clue is actually quite a clever one.

The clue is clearly an homage to the ‘A whole new world’ song from the Disney animation – Aladdin. Thinking along these lines, you could eventually end up at the name of the coin. Aladdin, Disney, Disneyland, Dencentraland?

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Quite literally a whole new (virtual) world. The Dencentraland marketplace is a decentralised, open market, where you can buy and sell parcels of land.

What about the logo though? Well, the Decentraland logo has been updated. See the old logo on the left and the new logo on the right below. Notice the orange and brown of the old logo look like the pixelated image in the ‘Guess the Coin’ promo image.

Need Help With a DEX?

With this clue, it seems obvious that we are looking for a coin that facilitates using a DEX or interacting with a DEX. Or perhaps, even a token that could help build a DEX.

A DEX is a decentralised exchange. A decentralised exchange does not rely on a third party to hold funds and facilitate their exchange. Instead, trades occur directly between users.

Using a custom Google search query ( decentralized exchange) brought up a lot of contenders. Here’s the coins of interest found from the search:

  • Waves – An open source decentralized blockchain platform that enables anyone to create their own internal digital currencies
  • – A truly decentralized exchange platform and proof-of-stake blockchain network
  • 0x – Provides the infrastructure to facilitate the creation of decentralized exchanges on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Dropil – A crypto-trading platform that includes DEX (decentralized exchange)
  • Basic Attention Token – A decentralised ad exchange built on Ethereum (Try the Brave Browser)
  • Loopring – A decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol

Waves is already listed on COSS. and Dropil are DEXs and don’t help facilitate a DEX. Basic Attention Token is about creating a decentralised ad exchange and not a DEX. This leaves 0x and Loopring, only one of these has a logo that resembles the one in the clue.

This line from the Loopring website is the final piece of evidence that it is probably the coin in question.

Anyone can become a DEX with our software: you can join our DEX network to share liquidity, or create and manage your own DEX.

Your Thoughts on These Guesses?

I correctly guessed both coins last time around. This time, I’m feeling confident again about my choices. How about you? Do you agree with these guesses? Are you willing to share any evidence for other coins?

The competition closes on the 21st April, and the correct answers will be revealed shortly after. If you haven’t submitted your guesses yet, what are you waiting for! Click the button below to go straight to the official Google form document and submit your guesses. Good luck!

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