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Round two of the COSS coin guess competition

Guess the Coin Competition Closes Soon

Recently, COSS has begun to roll out competitions and promotions on a more frequent schedule. One of the competitions currently running is the ‘Guess the coin’ competition.

Guess the two coins COSS will be listing next for your chance to win 500 CFT ($50). Participants are provided with the following two clues listed below.

Below are some of my own clues to get you started on your hunt for the mystery coins!

CLue 1. Blockchain for business

Clue 2. Interoperability, simplified

You have until 31st March 00:00 GMT (8AM in Singapore), to send your answers in via a Google form. You must have a COSS account to be eligible to win, and the email you submit via the form should be the same as your COSS email.

Some Clues to Get You Started

Interoperability is an unusual word, so for any detectives out there trying to solve this riddle, that seems like a good start. The images are not very useful (on purpose), but good for confirming whether you have the right coin once you figure out the answers.

Searching for coins relating to interoperability, I stumbled across Aion. Take a read of the description for Aion on the CoinMarketCap website:

Aion (AION) is a multi-tier blockchain that was created to offer scalability, privacy, and interoperability. The project aims to be an integrated blockchain network that allows any public/private blockchain to transact and communicate across the network. It supports custom blockchain architectures, and provides cross-chain interoperability through a series of connecting bridges.

Notice the purple and green of the logo and compare this to the pixelated second image of the guess the coin promo image, look familiar?

A Connection Between the Coins?

In the previous round of ‘Guess the Coin’, the two coins were related closely – Maker and Dai. It’s not a given that the new coins are, but reading up on Aion and researching its related coins lead to an interesting find.

Aion is part of the Blockchain Interoperability Alliance (BIA) alongside ICON and Wanchain. ICON is listed on COSS already, but Wanchain is not. Unfortunately, the Wanchain logo doesn’t look familiar to what we see in the promo image.

Perhaps, the relationship between the coins isn’t here this time. However, on my search for the BIA, I did come across the Business Credit Alliance Chain (BCAC). There are some similarities between the logo and promo image, plus the clue suggests BCAC could be the one?

Your Thoughts?

With minimal research, those are the two coins that would make up my guess. I’d recommend doing some further research of your own if you are serious about winning the competition. Perhaps you can find more evidence for these coins, or maybe you’ll find something else along the way.

You probably don’t want to list your guesses in the comments, but what do you think to these new competitions. It seems like they could be a few more in the future, with more opportunities for us to win CFT!

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