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Genesis Vision and Storj Labs Listed on COSS

Round 3 of the ‘Guess the Coin’ competition has ended, revealing the next coins to be listed on COSS. The two coins announced were Genesis Vision (GVT) and Storj Labs (STORJ).

Trading is now live for both of these tokens on Both tokens are trading on the BTC, ETH and USDT pairs.

Round 4 of ‘Guess the Coin’ is currently open for entries and closes April 14th 00:00 GMT.

About Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision is a decentralized asset management platform built on blockchain technology. It connects people who want to trade with individuals that are experienced in trading. It also creates a total transparent system of investment and profit distributions, due to the nature of the blockchain and smart contracts that the platform is built on.

Investors can invest in Genesis Vision managers, who use the funds raised to invest in a range of markets, including cryptocurrencies and traditional commodities. An investment is made to the GV manager in GVT – the token that fuels the investment platform.

An example of a manager on the Genesis Vision platform

Above shows an example of a fund manager investing through opportunistic FX trading, with an overview of their performance. The platform also offers benefits to the fund managers, as it gives them access to a wide range of investments. This means they are not limited by the available assets provided by a single broker.

For more information about Genesis, see their FAQs.

About Storj Labs

Storj aims to provide decentralised cloud storage to its community. Files are split up into smaller components and dispersed across an array of devices, with users maintaining control of their keys, which grants them access to their files, at all times.

A decentralised, more secure platform that is cheaper and simple for developers to use and integrate will help Storj take on the likes of Amazon S3. is the production-ready version of the Storj network.

The STORJ token is intended to be the primary method of payment for the service, although other payment types may be accepted in the future. Users running storage nodes essentially rent their extra disk space, for which they are paid in the STORJ token. This blog post has more specifics about the token itself.

For more information, see the Storj whitepaper.

Guess The Coin Round Four Now Live

Congratulations to those that correctly guessed these coins and to the winners of the 500 CFT. If you didn’t get a chance to enter this round, round 4 is now live – go and check it out to be in with a chance of winning 500 CFT!

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