COSS YouTube Contest Winners

COSS YouTube Contest Winners

COSS recently held a promotional contest to drive members of the community to create videos about the COSS exchange and platform, or either of the COSS/CFT tokens.

The promotion received around 30 entries. Up for grabs were 12 prizes of $1,000 dollars worth of CFT and COSS. Two videos won multiple prizes, making a total of 10 winning participants.

Community & Management Favourites

As well as prizes for the most views, there were also two prizes set aside for the community and management favourites. The community favourite is the featured image of this post, at the top of the page. Both these videos also won a prize based on views and other criteria, earning an additional $1,000 for their creators.

The community favourite video features an overweight man attempting ballet with the overlay “Because Jared receives weekly FSA from He has retired from work. And has more time to do the things he loves. Sign up to today and spend more time doing the things you love.” – SirJarHead

The management favourite – Coss IO – Join the Crypto Revolution, by adrien ribeiro, focusses on different areas of Singapore. Kaleidoscopic effects and a drum beat in the background create a modern feel to the video. The video also shows someone using different aspects of the exchange and footage of the COSS offices.

COSS Promotional Video Winners

The following videos won a $1,000 prize based on the number of views they managed to earn during the competition and other criteria.

COSS.IO comparison with Binance and Kraken – 406 Views

Jean de Cosse
Published on 23 Feb 2019

Eating Spicy Popcorn🍿 – Talking About COSS ❤ – Laugh At Me While You Learn 🤓 – COSS Promo Video 🎥 – 644 Views

Devante Lewis
Published on 13 Mar 2019

Coss! The Next Cryptocurrency Exchange to Moon like Binance and Kucoin?? – 848 Views

Mark Anthony DiSessa Travel Vlogs
Published on 23 Feb 2019

Coss – Crypto Exchange – Promo – 3,408 Views

COSS Promo
Published on 25 Feb 2019 – The Best Regulated Cryptocurrency Exchange – 4,249 Views

Published on 19 Mar 2019

Coss Promotional Video – 4,443 Views

Published on 5 Mar 2019

COSS.IO – Are you ready for the next step? – Coss Exchange – 4,519 Views

Daniel J.
Published on 28 Feb 2019 THE exchange that fills all your needs! – 5,677 views

Published on 20 Mar 2019

Which video was your favourite? You can let us know in the comments below. Give these videos a share on social media as well, to continue to spread the knowledge of COSS!

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  1. Jared was here. But seriously, great job on website, it is really good. You should leave your ETH address for donations. Keep up the good work!

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