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COSS FSA Update Week 17 2019

Average volume on the exchange for this week has decreased to 6.8 million, but the FSA has increased 54% on last week. This is interesting as it means the average fee paid on the exchange has increased. A higher average fee means that smaller traders represent a larger share of the volume compared to previous weeks.

CFT climbed to averages of $0.030 this week. Following the distribution of this week’s FSA, the price has now dropped to $0.026. This is expected as people cash out their FSA which is predominately CFT. Daily FSA is expected to begin this week, so it will be interesting to see how that impacts the buy/sell pressure of CFT.

FSA Value at Snapshot – $2.28

The value of the FSA per COSS was 0.000228131558743371, making the value $2.28 per 10,000 COSS. 115,597,613 COSS were included in the snapshot. Dollar value is only accurate at the moment of the snapshot.

At $2.28 per 10K $COSS (@ $0.077 per COSS) that’s 15% ROI. This number can fluctuate weekly, meaning ROI is a poor indicator of actual annual return on investment. For example, last week the ROI was 9%.

The average volume for the 7-day period for which this FSA was calculated was $6.8 million.

USD Value of Fee Split Allocation

Previous WeekCurrent WeekDifference
Value per COSS0.00014764207983912961 0.000228131558743371+54%
Value per 10K$1.47 $2.28+54%
COSS in Snapshot114,759,866 115,597,613+0.7%
Avg. 7 Day Vol.10,000,000 6,800,000-32%
ROI9% 15%+66%

Token Value of Fee Split Allocation

Below are the amounts of each token received in the FSA per 10,000 COSS held. The percentage change is the increase or decrease of particular tokens included in the FSA compared to the previous week.

Historical Comparisons

COSS Value/ 10KCOSS in SnapshotAverage VolumeROI
22/04/19$2.28115,597,613 6,800,00015%
15/04/19$1.47114,759,866 10,000,0009%
08/04/19$2.47113,928,191 11,700,00017%

CELT, Genesis Vision and Storj Labs Make FSA Debut

Genesis Vision and Storj Labs recently listed on COSS. It’s good to see some of these tokens getting through into the FSA. If you are a member of these communities, be sure to share the news that trading for $GVT and $STORJ is now live on COSS.

Also making its debut appearance in the FSA is the community token CELT. This token is now available exclusively on COSS through IEO only. If you don’t know about CELT, read more about this community driven liquidity token here.

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