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COSS Exchange Now Pays You to Trade

COSS exchange is now paying traders back for every trade they make. By utilising negative maker fees, every trade made now earns you money!

Negative maker fees are available to everyone with a COSS account that trades over $5,000 USD each month (just $167 a day!). Negative maker fees start at -0.02% for users with over $5,000 volume on a rolling 30-day period.

What are Negative Maker Fees?

There are two sides to every trade, a maker and a taker. The maker is the person that places the trade order on the exchange order book and the taker is the one that fills the maker’s order.

Simplified, that means if you make a limit order, you are a maker and if you market buy, you are a taker. This is the case most of the time, although there are some exceptions.

When a trade is made, typically exchanges charge both the maker and the taker a small fee. COSS is changing that and you can try it for yourself now.

Negative maker fees mean that instead of both maker and taker being charged a fee, the taker is charged slightly more and the extra fee is given to the maker. This essentially makes the maker’s fee negative.

How Do I Get Negative Maker Fees?

Maker fees are set a very generous 0% for everyone. That’s right, placing an order in the books costs nothing for makers.

It gets even better when you start trading more though. When your 30 day rolling volume reaches $5,000, you enter the new trading tier where maker fees are reduced to -0.02%.

The fees are paid instantly, so you can see your earnings accumulate with each trade. Just visit the trading history page for a summary of fees paid, or received in this case.

Do Negative Fees Reduce My FSA?

Because taker fees are increased to cover the cost of negative maker fees, and taker fees are paid on every order, the average fee paid is still positive.

As every single trade has a net positive fee, there is no reduction in the amount of fees being sent to the FSA, which is then split up between all COS holders.

Over time, negative fees will help increase your FSA due to the increase in volume that it will bring. Negative maker fees are highly valuable to large market makers and hobbyist botters alike, as it minimises their risks and offers an additional revenue stream.

Why COSS is the Best Exchange to Trade

COSS is now offering a plethora of incentives to get trading on their exchange:

  • 0% maker fees for all traders
  • Negative maker fees for traders with a 30-day trading volume over $5,000
  • 50% of all trading fees generated shared daily with COS holders in ETH, COS and DAI
  • 25% discount on all applicable fees when paid with COS token
  • 0% deposit fees on fiat transfers with support for USD, EUR, GBP, HKD and JPY

Register to Trade on COSS

If you don’t have an account on COSS yet, now is the perfect time to register. A generous daily withdrawal limit of 2 BTC is available to all customers without KYC on crypto-to-crypto trades. Plus all the incentives above!

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Want to be paid to trade?Negative maker fees now available on COSS

Register an account with COSS and start getting paid to trade with the best fees available in crypto. All this on top of a 25% discount on fees and 50% fee share for COS token holders.

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