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COSS Announces New Generous Referral Scheme

COSS announces its new referral scheme that will share 10% of fees collected from everyone you refer for the lifetime of the programme.

This generous scheme is on top of the many existing benefits COSS already offers its community.

The new referral scheme means you can now earn a share of 50% of all fees taken on the exchange, a 25% discount on trading fees and a 10% bonus from referrals.

Earn 10% Bonus from Referrals

The referral scheme is open to everyone with a COSS account. Don’t have an account yet? Get started here.

All you need to do is share your referral code with someone. If they use your code when registering, you’ll start sharing the fees from their trades with COSS.

10% of the fees paid by your referees to COSS will be paid to you in COS tokens on a daily basis.

You can collect these bonus fees from as many people as you can refer, so the more you spread the word, the more COS you’re going to be earning.

Don’t forget that holding COS tokens entitles you to a share of the 50% fee split, making this generous referral scheme literally the gift that keeps on giving.

Where to Find Your COSS Referral Code

Finding your COSS referral code is easy, first log in to COSS, then navigate to the referral page in the sidebar, or you can follow this link.

Copy the referral link on that page, it should look like this:

Then simply send it to your friends, post it on Facebook, share on Twitter, or shout it from the rooftops!

All your referrals and the amount of COS earned through them will be recorded on this screen.


COSS referral page

The Other Benefit of Referring Users

If 10% of your friends’ fees wasn’t already enough of a reason to get referring, here’s another reason for you.

The more people using COSS, the more revenue the exchange generates from fees – 50% of which are shared directly with everyone that holds the COS token.

Did you know that the FSA is now paid in just COS, ETH and DAI? Read more about the new simplified FSA structure.

ReferralsMonthly Referral Bonus (COS)*Daily Referral Bonus (COS)*
10230 7.66

*Monthly referral bonus based on a trading volume of $5,000 with 0.1875% average fee and a COS price of $0.02. Daily bonus assumes 30 days to a month. Referral bonuses meant as illustration only and do not reflect actual expected bonus which will depend on the factors listed above.

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