Wednesday , February 26 2020
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Free Crypto-Trading Course Will Have You Trading on COSS Like a PRO

cryptoaims free cryptocurrency trading course

Cryptoaims Academy is offering free cryptocurrency and blockchain courses through their e-learning website. With COSS now offering negative maker fees for traders with over $5,000 30-day trading volume, there’s never been a better time to start actively trading on this community-first exchange. If the new fees have tempted you to …

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How to Check the COSS Exchange Volume

COSS exchange volume is an important metric to follow. Volume on any exchange is important as the higher it is, the more visible the exchange is and the higher potential the exchange has to earn a profit from fees. The volume on COSS exchange is even more important than other …

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How to Set Up Your Own COSS Trading Bot

This guide will show you the quickest way to get started with automated trading using a free bot built by Spielley. The bot uses a simple trading strategy of buy COSS, then sell it for higher. Using the COSS-ETH pair (although you can define your own pair), the bot will …

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COSS Telegram Trade Notification Bot Installation Guide

Installation Guide for Windows Download Source Files from GitHub To begin, you will need to download the source files from GitHub. Click the button below to download the file directly, or get the files yourself from GitHub here. Download from GitHub Install Node.js You may already have Node.js installed, if …

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Analyse Your FSA with COSS-FSA

COSS FSA Snippet

Julian, the creator of COSS-FSA has developed a tool to help you analyse your Fee Split Allocation (FSA). Currently on the FSA wallet page, you can see the tokens in your FSA wallet, the total amount, amount distributed and amount remaining. Although this is important information, there is little …

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Want to be paid to trade?Negative maker fees now available on COSS

Register an account with COSS and start getting paid to trade with the best fees available in crypto. All this on top of a 25% discount on fees and 50% fee share for COS token holders.

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