Wednesday , February 26 2020
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BNB vs CFT – Fee Token Comparison

UPDATE: Following the COSS/LALA merger, the functionality of CFT (25% discount) is now included in the COS token itself. Binance Coin (BNB) is a well established fee-reduction token, which has gained large support alongside Binance’s success. The COSS fee token (CFT) is similar in many aspects to BNB. It too, …

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COSS Fee Token (CFT) Introduction

UPDATE: Following the merger of COSS/LALA, CFT has been discontinued and its functionality is now incorporated in to the new COS token. COSS Fee Token (CFT) was introduced to the COSS exchange at the very end of 2018. In short, the CFT token enables you to get 25% off trading …

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Coss Fee Token (CFT) Launch Recap

CFT Trading Promotion

Coss Fee Token (CFT), the token that gives you 25% discount on trading fees at was opened on the public markets yesterday, after initially being available only through an IEO at $0.10. The launch went ahead smoothly and on schedule. There were some good deals scooped up within the …

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When Does CFT Trading Start?

CFT Trading opens April 1st

COSS Fee Token (CFT) is due to begin trading imminently. With a lot of speculation on price, there could be some good opportunities for those traders ready to trade when CFT markets open. Trading of CFT is scheduled for 16:00 (GMT+8) or 08:00 GMT April 1st 2019. Singapore time is …

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CFT Trading Promotion Announced

CFT Trading Promotion

COSS Today announced that the CFT Trading Promo will go live next week on the 1st of April 2019, with a huge 1,100,000 CFT ($110,000) prize pool available. Interestingly, this promo is not limited to the CFT pair, like previous trading promotions. Your trading volume on any pair on the …

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Want to be paid to trade?Negative maker fees now available on COSS

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