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Learn the basics of the COSS token and the fee split allocation. See how COSS can generate a passive income for you.

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How to Buy CELT Tokens

CELT 1.0 is no longer available to purchase. Please purchase CELT 2.0 through the COSS IEO and transfer to an external wallet...
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CELT 2.0 Goes Live! – Your Guide to a Passive Income

CELT 2.0 Launch an Overwhelming Success The COSS exchange liquidity token (CELT) launched today, exclusively for sale on

Earn Passive Income and Support COSS Liquidity with CELT 2.0

CELT 2.0 is the next step for the community driven liquidity bot running on the exchange. First created over a year...

COSS FSA Update Week 17 2019

Average volume on the exchange for this week has decreased to 6.8 million, but the FSA has increased 54% on last week....

How to Check the COSS Exchange Volume

COSS exchange volume is an important metric to follow. Volume on any exchange is important as the higher it is, the more...